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Solidifying Foundations, Bridging Divides, Fuelling GrowthOur core mission for clients: Reinforcing business fundamentals, connecting key business functions, and driving sustainable expansion.

We focus on foundations and the problems 90% of businesses face.
Resumption is all about bridging the gap between sales, marketing, and operations.
Resumption accompanies businesses of all sizes, as well as governments, willing to build and solidify foundations, looking for assistance and accountability, and on a mission to achieve sustainable growth and expansion.We also address strategy, innovation programs, and internationalisation.

We've been in the sales and marketing trenches with many organisations!

What the work we have done entails: business transformation, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship programs, community engagement and management, re-branding, social media management and growth, influencer marketing, events management, sales and business partnerships, international dot connectors... and more.

What we do

Running a business is hard.
At Resumption, we understand that every company, every organisation, has specific needs to grow and scale. Whatever works for some companies, does not necessarily work in other domains, industries or geographies.
With decades of experience in business, marketing and event management, on an international scale, we cater for a variety of clients, backed by experience working with large corporates (IBM, BNP, ...), governments, local and national (Noosa Council, French Ministries, ...) and startups and small businesses in Australia, Asia and Europe.Our foundations rely on ROI (Return On Investment), to ensure value for our customers, and the "back to basics" approach, to deliver results based on solid, and sustainable, foundations.OUR SERVICES:- B2B Marketing strategy and execution (digital and traditional)- Domestic and international marketing- Sales, Marketing, and Operations alignment and optimisation- Processes and workflows (growth is about systems, not hacks)- Expertise in event development and management.- Finally, we have extensive experience in building and growing innovation initiatives and programs, at a local and national level (entrepreneurial ecosystems, incubators/accelerators, corporate innovation and more).We do also:
- Offer corporate and executive assistance, in growth contexts as well as crisis management;
- Play interim roles. Do you need a fractional CMO, or a Chief of Staff?
- Create a tangible and executable business and marketing strategy;
- And execute "Test and Learn" experiments to capture user feedback and act on customer expectations.


Where sales and marketing come together.

Resumption features a group of seasoned professionals with extensive business and technology experience at an executive level.Led by Samuel Pavin (Senior Consultant with ample experience in sales+marketing, corporate innovation, entrepreneurship, international business and community development), our team aims to help draw and develop business - and economic growth - on a global scale.Our team features individuals with experience in roles such as Program Manager, CMO, Digital Strategist, Entrepreneur, Executive Advisor, Ideation coach, New Product Manager, Technological leader, Trade advisor.Each individual brings decades of experience in their field.
We have expertise in a broad spectrum of domains such as online applications, banking, international business, education, IT, and government.
We are also passionate about product quality and advocates of early customer engagement during prototyping and early-stage development of new products/strategies, with "Test & Learn" activities and discovery workshops.
Organisations often struggle with relapsing the old ways of working continuously and the most effective way to achieve real change is leading the teams by example. While we work on creating positive transformation for organisations, we also focus on ensuring continuity after our disengagement.At our core, we keep an open way of thinking to achieve the transformation goals of the business. Every organisation is unique, and an approach that works well for one organisation might fail with the other.We have worked with and led multiple teams, both onshore and offshore, and in complex environments in Australia, Eastern Europe, France, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The experience we have gathered across the globe helps us bring different perspectives to our clients.


Ideation workshop (2hrs)Leveraging design-thinking principles, this workshop, driven by one of our staff, aims at assisting the definition and implementation of change and evolution - and/or generating new product/service ideas - in a fast, organised and collegial manner.

Innovation talks (1hr)Educating yourselves and your teams on change, growth and innovation principles is crucial. We offer a variety of talks, whether educational or practical on topics ranging from entrepreneurial principles to international development and niche topics like making the most of a virtual tradeshow and pitching your business via video conference.


Contact us to discover how we can help support your growth.[email protected]